Bağcı Enerji Güneş Santralleri
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The use of solar energy in agricultural irrigation allows irrigation with the use of solar panels without electricity costs. Photons coming from the sun are used in irrigation systems and in this way, it is ensured that agricultural irrigation is carried out without the cost of electricity.

What Are the Advantages of Agricultural Irrigation Systems?

Irrigation processes are systems that can be specially adjusted according to the food produced and can be completely customized according to the need. Agricultural irrigation systems can be made according to needs with irrigation methods such as drip irrigation, surface, drip, sprinkler and micro irrigation. In this way, both the water is used effectively and it is aimed to get maximum efficiency from the irrigated field. Agricultural irrigation systems are used with calculations such as the area structure of the field and the amount of water needed for the produced food and they considerably increase the yield from the field.