E n e r g y


Our company, which has formed the basic parts of the Solar Energy sector since 2013, started its activities by completing its establishment in the center of Ankara in 2013 in order to operate in the solar energy sector and has been implementing national and international projects in the field of renewable energy systems and energy facilities installation since that day.

It produces solutions that will maximize energy efficiency with its R&D studies and product and system development studies for our target sectors, and fulfills its commitments by serving with the principle of zero problems and endless customer satisfaction with its experienced technical staff with the machines belonging to the company in land installations.

In “GES” land installations, steel construction is produced in accordance with the norms in line with our existing steel construction projects or the projects submitted by our customers.

In the “GES” Installations carried out by your company, with our machinery team and equipment, from Ground Survey work to hammer, screw piling, drilling and concreting of column bottoms, supply and assembly of mechanical materials, panel assembly and electrical workmanship from transformer entrance,

At the same time, with our team that makes the prestige roof installations of Turkey, in your roof projects;

➢ As mechanical and electrical work

➢ Mechanical material + mechanical and electrical workmanship, also in works

We state that we will be happy to take on the task.

Mustafa BAGCI